At the core of my community-based dispute resolution practice, I offer mediation,  restorative justice and other restorative practices, and consensus building.

I regularly handle dispute resolution involving school, community,  personal and court matters. After a thirty year, distinguished career in federal natural resources and environmental law, my experience also embraces commercial disputes and includes extensive group facilitation and consensus building for private and public policy matters. My  dispute resolution training includes basic mediation training and extensive specialized training in restorative justice and community conferencing with nationally recognized instructors.

My mediation and restorative justice experience includes referrals from government or private organizations as well as the affected parties. I work often as a single mediator or facilitator but welcome joint arrangements depending on the number of participants and nature of the case presented. Given my pre-DealWork engineering, administrative law and government police experience, I am adept at handling  complex, multi-issue technical matters. My experience includes in-person and, increasingly, remote work on various platforms (e.g., Zoom).

Aside from handling specific cases, as former co-coordinator of a Restorative Justice program for Fairfax County, Virginia, a very large and diverse county, I also offer a wide range of program consulting assistance:

  • overall program design
  • program outreach messaging for diverse audiences
  • development of key restorative justice forms
  • training and mentoring
  • participation at professional conferences
  • recordkeeping and confidentiality arrangements, etc.

I invite you to visit the other pages identified in the tabs above. I do refresh this web site with new material often. In the meantime, listed on this page are DealWork Events from 2019 and 2021, selected from my separate Events page elsewhere on my site.

I hope you visit again and I welcome your questions and comments. Tell me what I can do for you.

David T. Deal



    Guest speaker for “Introduction to Restorative Justice” presentation for George Washington University law School ADR class, an annual event since 2012.
    March 2021

    Participate in London-based Forgiveness Project skill-based course “Working with Stories of Lived Experience” focused on using storytelling as  a transformative tool for change. Comprising four 3.5 hour online sessions (and and micro-experiments between sessions) for a class capped at 22 members during February and March 2021, the online course, accredited through the National Council for Psychotherapists, is directed at practitioners in fields such as Criminal Justice, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice, and Restorative Peace Building, which employ storytelling to address issues like forgiveness, trauma, shame and resilience.
    February 2021


    As guest speaker offered for the third time  “Introduction to Restorative Justice” presentation for George Mason University graduate class “Conflict Analysis and Resolution for Prevention, Reconstruction, and Stabilization Contexts”.
    October 2020

    Served as joint facilitator in demonstration case handled by Arlington County, Virginia’s progressive “RJ Arlington” restorative justice program.
    September 2020

    Delivered 90-minute Zoom webinar for Kentucky Bar Association, “Introduction to Restorative Justice,” for 80-participant group of lawyers and mediators; materials include a recently revised 14-page “Restorative Justice Primer,” 2-page outline, and Power Point slides, all of which are available upon request.
    September 2020

    Delivered most updated version of “Introduction to Restorative Justice” presentation for George Washington University law students, a presentation delivered every Spring since 2012.
    April 2020

    Began remote mediation of small  claims cases in Washington, DC.
    March 2020


    Facilitated myriad small claims and truancy cases for District of Columbia Superior Court Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division.

    Delivered practice-oriented presentation at Virginia Mediation Network Fall conference, “Managing Forgiveness Issues in Mediation: Respecting Self-Determination.”
    September 2019